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Lone Pine Kennel features 3 newly renovated outdoor play yards that all the dogs enjoy during their stay. Partly covered with outdoor heaters for the colder months. Play equipment and sprinklers and pools for the warmer months. Whether they are playing with a group or sunbathing they enjoy the outdoors.

During your dog's stay at Lone Pine, they will have downtime between playtimes to decompress away from other dogs in their reserved enclosures. (They will be placed according to their size and temperament, not per request). 


Our facility has 3 main buildings for housing our dogs, each has different styles of enclosures shown below. As we get to know your dog we determine which boarding style is best for them. We have wire crates, stainless steel crates, stainless steel recessed crates and kennel stalls. Each space is set up with a water bucket, blankets (Cots if blankets are a no-no for chewers or due to old age. Thick bedding will be given to senior pets) and the occasional toy. 

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